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Fix Index

I figured it was about time I put together a decent index of my fics. Because such an index would be really long, and kind of difficult to navigate, I've grouped them into various categories which in turn each have their own sub-index. The three long fics each have their own chapters index here as well.

Hopefully that will make it easy for anyone who's interested to find what they are looking for.


Christmas Stories
Experiment (series - complete)
Halloween Stories
Irish Stories
Justin!Rage Stories (series - "complete" - but there may be more to come)
Love's Not Time's Fool (series - complete)
Reverberations - my version of S5 - prequel to Homecoming (series - complete)
Homecoming - post S5 (series - complete)
Homework - post S5 - sequel to Homecoming (WIP)
Stand Alones
Wren's Re-writes - my re-writes of various scenes in S4

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Just to explain:

These form a single, if somewhat episodic, story in the form of 37 drabbles. To be honest, I'm kind of double-dipping here. I was stuck for an idea for the Moonshadow Tribe Holiday challenge “The Real Meaning Of..." I hadn't been able to come up with anything, except a vague feeling that I wanted this to be a new Justin!Rage story. Then yesterday I found Xie’s 37 Days of Gusmas Drabble challenge which had 37 prompts - one for each day from Thanksgiving to New Years. Some of the prompts are single words, some are quotes or song titles, some are images. I looked through the prompts and suddenly all my disjointed ideas just flowed together. So, a classic case of two birds with one stone. As Xie’s challenge was part of a fund-raiser for The Trevor Project, I figured The Tribe wouldn’t mind.

For those who are interested, other Gusmas drabbles can be found here on IJ:

37 Days of Gusmas

And the other Tribe Holiday Challenge fics can be found here:

The Real Meaning Challenge

This story picks up pretty much where Christmas Lights left off, but you probably need to read the other stories in that universe for it to make sense. They start with “Never Have, Never Will”, and are all listed here:

Justin!Rage Stories Index

Now let the drabbles begin!

The Real Meaning Of ... )
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Hi everyone

As promised, at last, the first of my Christmas fics.

The usual proviso - my stories are all for Adults Only. So if by clicking on any of the links provided you are indicating that you fall into that category.

It's the third in the Justin!Rage universe, and I had actually planned to get it done for last Christmas but ... you know how it is.

With thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sandid for the pic that I "converted" into the banner (that was so the easy bit).

For those who don't know the other stories, they're here:

Justin!Rage Index.

One word of warning, however ... I don't like Mikey, never have, never will. And I wasn't not all that fond of Gus' mommies by the end of S5 - so if you like those characters, you almost certainly won't like these fics.

In this one, set a few weeks after Always Have, Always Will, Brian is looking forward to sharing Christmas with his son and his lover.

Christmas Lights )
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Well, only one day later than I'd hoped to be.

Blame it on the fact that the story kept writing itself. More bits wanted to be added than I'd bargained for.

Anyway, here it is.

As usual, clicking the link to the stories signifies that you are legally adult in the country in which you reside.

If you haven't read part one, that is here:

Always Have, Always Will - Part One

If you need a recap of that -

Last time, Brian and Justin visited the girls in Toronto. After a rocky beginning to the visit, they agreed to bring Gus down to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving, and to let him spend a night or two with Brian at his new house.

They were due to arrive on Wednesday night, but right at the last minute they canceled. Brian went off on a pain management binge, and arrived home after a two night absence (on Friday morning) to find a note from Justin which gave him some reassurance that Justin was ready to forgive him for behaving like such a twat.

I'm actually adding a note here because people seem confused by Justin's superpowers. This is a sequel, remember, to Never Have, Never Will. It's therefore set in what I am calling to myself at least the Justin!Rage universe. Remember how he got rid of Mikey's ghost in NH, NW? Well, now the girls are pi... annoying him.

Now, read on:

Always Have, Always Will - Part Two )
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It seems to me like an incredibly long time since I've written anything. The past couple of months have just flown by, and life has been more than a little peculiar, one way and another.

When I first posted "Never Have, Never Will" there were a few people who kindly said they'd like a sequel. Well, it's a case of 'be careful what you ask for' because here it is. I'd hoped to get it finished this weekend, but that's back when I thought it was going to be around five pages. It's three times that now, so I'm going to post it in two parts. I hope to get the second one up in the next few days - by the weekend at the latest.

This was originally intended to be a Christmas fic. And might still turn out to be somewhere towards the end. But it's kinda low on the warm and fuzzies. I don't think I realised till I started writing it just how angry I was, and still am, with Lindsay and Melanie. In a way this has been cathartic, but if you're an L&M fan, don't bother. In some ways, this one makes my anti-Mikey stance look as if I actually kinda like him. Seriously. I've come to the conclusion that I truly despise those women.

As usual, all fics are definitely adults only, so by clicking on the links below you are signifying that you are over the age of majority in the country in which you live and legally old enough to view work intended only for adults.

BTW, if you haven't read NHNW, this won't make any sense at all really. So it's here if you want to catch up with that first:

Justin!Rage stories index

Anyway, here is the new one. It starts maybe a week or so after NHNW ended.

Always Have, Always Will, Part One )
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It's not exactly been beta'd, so please forgive any errors. I take all the blame, but I promised it would be up this weekend, and it's Sunday night here now.

Oh, and if you're looking for Part One, it's here (slightly tweaked to fix up lines I wasn't entirely happy with - no real changes):

Never Have, Never Will - Part One

So without more ado here it is ...

Never Have, Never Will - Part Two )
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See, here's the thing. I wanted to write my yearly Halloween fic because this is one of the few ways I get to celebrate Halloween (it's really not a big thing here at all). (And yes, yes, Reverb, Homecoming, I know - working on them too.)

I'd expected the Halloween fic would be you know, five or six pages. But it didn't turn out that way at all. It's over twice that length now and I'm not within coo-ee of finishing it.

So ... rather than miss Halloween completely, what I've decided to do is to post it in two parts. This one today, and the second and final part on the weekend.


Set probably around a year after the end of S5, but in an AU where Brian and Justin didn't meet that night under the lamp post. Brian is around 35 and Justin is 23. At some point I'll probably put some notes together on what has been going on in my head as I've been writing this, but for now ... we all know that I don't like Mikey, but that's not the sole reason this is the way it is ... it just struck me as a damned interesting 'what if ...'

So here you have it:

Never Have, Never Will: Part One )
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The Justin!Rage universe came about in a strange way. I had been planning my usual Halloween fic, and had an idea about basing it on a really old (and creepy) story called God Grant That She Lye Still. Brian, of course, would have been the hero, and Justin the damsel in distress ... struggling against being possessed by the spirit of an evil person who'd died some time before. But I've never been any good at writing victim!Justin, and as I wrote it, the story morphed into this.

It's an AU where Brian and Justin meet much later and comes with the strongest possible warning to Mikey fans - don't read it! I don't like Mikey, and you will not like what happens to him in this story.

Never Have, Never Will: Part One

Never Have, Never Will: Part Two

Next story is another long one. It's set immediately after Never Have, Never Will and became an expression of my anger at the two women who took their young children to another country driven by stated motives which I consider spurious and with unstated ones I suspect are almost purely selfish and ego-driven. Again, a warning ... if you like the lesbians (especially Lindsay) you are unlikely to enjoy this fic.

Always Have, Always Will: Part One

Always Have, Always Will: Part Two

Ironically, given how edged the first two stories were, the following two are both Christmas stories, and they involve Gus. It's an almost certain recipe for a certain sugar level.

The first follows on directly from Always Have, Always Will

Christmas Lights

The next is in an unusual format. It was written in response to a drabbles challenge and takes the form of 37 linked drabbles - each written in response to a specific prompt.

The Real Meaning of ...



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