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Okay. So I'm in Toronto and trying to type this on my iPad which for me is a form of torture.

We're having a great time and when I get home I'll post stories and photos and stuff.

But a question in the Fab / Randy panel followed by a couple of short conversations with Fab got my mind working. Can't remember exactly what the question was but it generated comments from both Fab and Randy that the relationship needed to happen and that their biggest problem with it was that it ended so abruptly. Also, that the reason for their breakup made it seem that Brian's cynicism about love and relationships was justified.

So here's my theory ...

How much better and more powerful would it have been if the reason for the breakup wasn't Ethan cheating with the roses guy, but Justin coming to realise that he wasn't prepared to be marginalised in his boyfriend's life by Ethan's decision to go back in the closet.

So given they had 7 episodes in S3 to wind up the Ethan arc and have BJ reunite in 308, here's how I think it could have worked.

301 Justin facing the choice he's made.

302 Justin facing the fallout and beginning to explore the realities of this new relationship.

303 Ethan gets the offer, Brian's "nothing noble" speech.

304 Ethan makes the decision to sacrifice his authenticity - and Justin's - to his career ambitions.

305 the "cousin" scene

306 / 307 Justin realising what's really at stake here and choosing to leave Ethan and reevaluate how he sees Brian based on contrasting not their level of romanticism or their level or type of faithfulness but on their whole moral and ethical structure.

Now that, I believe, would have made for a far more powerful story, but also a much more solid basis for their future (BJ's I mean) than just that Justin was mad because Ethan cheated on him

What do you guys think?


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