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Okay - so it probably won't achieve anything.

And anyway, it might be better if Gale moved on to a different, more worthy project.

But on the other hand, maybe it's a bird in the hand thing.

So ... anyway, if you want to sign the petition protesting the cancellation of TSC, here it is:

sign petition here

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Hi everyone

I'm home at last.

Absolutely wiped out and exhausted. I don't think I've ever had jet lag quite so bad. Not helped by the fact that I ate something that didn't agree with me on the plane and was vilely sick just about all the way from Hong Kong to Melbourne and for the following 24 hours or so.

Nasty. Seriously don't recommend it.

I have a fairly unusual food allergy (to capsicum or peppers) which affects me rather like food poisoning. Basically my body says "Nup, not having that" ... and takes drastic steps to get rid of it. The problem is that, while if the item is obviously present I can usually avoid it, if it's been used in sauces and the like, the airlines a) won't let me stipulate it as an allergy, and b) can't give detailed information on ingredients. Which seems to me ridiculous; I mean, if I get something in the supermarket where I have choice and discretion as to what I buy, they have to provide full details on all ingredients. But stuff that's provided with virtually little or no choice, the airlines can't tell you what's in it. What's with that?

Anyway ... am just catching up with things. I still owe responses to some people, I'm really behind on emails, and I've just caught up with the latest ep of TSC.

What follows is general musing, rather that spoilers, but I'll put it under a cut anyway.

Thoughts about Gale in this role )
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Okay, now I know these things are pathetic, but what can I say? They just bring out my competitive side.

Afterelton is hosting a poll on the "men" (and they seem to be using the term somewhat loosely of some of the "entrants") of TSC.

So ...

Gale Harold
Thomas Dekker
Chris Zylka

Which one would you marry, which would you hump and which would you dump?


Currently Gale is in the "marry" league, but only just.

Get voting!

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Not exactly spoilers, but definitely conjecture, so I'm putting it under a cut.

Do you think ... )

TSC ep 2

25 Sep 2011 01:35 pm
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Okay - minor spoilers under the cut, if you don't want to know, don't go there.

Gotta Love the Man )


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