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I don't like to let the day go past without at least a little drabble in homage to Brian's Irish ancestry.

Here is this year's effort.

St. Patrick's Day Blues

His eyes bleed at the diner's shamrock-sprinkled rainbows and rainbow-scarfed leprechauns. Emmett's wearing orange and lime green and Michael's terrible Irish accent nearly drives him nuts during their Rage meeting.

Justin's looking forward to the relative sanity of the loft.

That's till he sees the trail of glasses with their dregs of green beer and the mess Brian has made of the kitchen trying to concoct Irish stew.

But he forgets all that when his tipsy lover sweeps him into his arms, serenading him with a surprisingly in-key rendition of Macushla before fucking him senseless.

Justin loves loving an Irishman.

Wishing you all a Happy St Patrick's Day!
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Since I nearly always write at least a drabble around St Pat's Day, I thought I'd this grouping to the fic archive list.

It started with this one - where the Irish touch lies in the mythology behind it which involves the Tuatha De Danaan and in Brian's Irish ancestry which is critical to the plot.
My True Love Hath My Heart Part 1
My True Love Hath My Heart Part 2

Then there was this fic ... where Brian Kinney gets to meet a leprechaun and has some scary adventures (in loving a grateful homage to Disney's "Darby O'Gill").
Brian Kinney and the ...

A St Pat's Day drabble:
The Wearing of the Green

And another:
Loving an Irish Man

A story which visited me out of nowhere one St Pat's Day.
The Luck of the Irish

Another drabble
Cultural Heritage

And yet another for 2014
St. Patrick's Day Blues



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