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I'm going to continue to try to convey some more of my memories of that amazing Sunday, but from here on in, I warn you, they are likely to be only half-way coherent.

Los Angeles, part 2 )

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Sorry this has taken me so long. Blame it on the jetlag or the socialising or the sheer unadulterated mind-blowing joy of spending so much time not just with the wonderful stars of my favourite show, but also with so many great people. Seriously, this fandom is truly something special.

It will be in two episodes, because I just can't get it done today.

Joy and Laughter in LA )


LA Con

10 Jun 2013 06:59 am
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It might just have been one day but it was so wonderful and I had such a fabulous time, but I'm exhausted and so sad that it's over.

I feel really blessed to have been here.

And hey! I got to have dinner with Gale Harold (and a goodbye hug).

I have pics but they'll have to wait till I get home.

I'll try to write something about it tomorrow.

Sorry I can't be more lucid tonight.

If I forget, please remind me to tell you about what happened when I asked Gale and Randy about their ideal roles.

Oh, and if you want to know about why Gale is wearing the beard it's because of his Civil War project.

Goodnight everyone.

And C - happy birthday! (I'd do the bksbracelet thing, but I'm too tired to remember the coding.)
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Just wanted to post that after a week or so of various dramas and a 13 1/2 hour flight, I'm safely here in Los Angeles.

Have already caught up with a few familiar faces and am looking forward to seeing some more over the next few days.

Mostly though, what I'm looking forward to right now is sleep.

If anyone who isn't here has a particular question they'd like to ask Gale or Randy I'll try to do it in the meet and greets.


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