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For Halloween I wrote a strange not-so-little AU in which Brian is over 60 when he meets Justin who's a ghost.

At the end of that story Brian was expecting a visit from Gus, the son he barely knows.

This is the story of what happens when Gus arrives a few days before Thanksgiving.

As always with my fics it is for Adults Only and by clicking on any of the links you are asserting that you fall into that category.

To have it make any sense at all, you will need to have read the first story, which is here:

Love's Not Time's Fool

Now here is the sequel. Be warned it's un-beta'd because I wanted to post it tonight, and it's not awfully kind (indirectly) to Linds and Melanie. It's also a little bitter-sweet. But I kind of like it. I hope you do too.

A Winter's Tale (Love's Not Time's Fool 2 )

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The Justin!Rage universe came about in a strange way. I had been planning my usual Halloween fic, and had an idea about basing it on a really old (and creepy) story called God Grant That She Lye Still. Brian, of course, would have been the hero, and Justin the damsel in distress ... struggling against being possessed by the spirit of an evil person who'd died some time before. But I've never been any good at writing victim!Justin, and as I wrote it, the story morphed into this.

It's an AU where Brian and Justin meet much later and comes with the strongest possible warning to Mikey fans - don't read it! I don't like Mikey, and you will not like what happens to him in this story.

Never Have, Never Will: Part One

Never Have, Never Will: Part Two

Next story is another long one. It's set immediately after Never Have, Never Will and became an expression of my anger at the two women who took their young children to another country driven by stated motives which I consider spurious and with unstated ones I suspect are almost purely selfish and ego-driven. Again, a warning ... if you like the lesbians (especially Lindsay) you are unlikely to enjoy this fic.

Always Have, Always Will: Part One

Always Have, Always Will: Part Two

Ironically, given how edged the first two stories were, the following two are both Christmas stories, and they involve Gus. It's an almost certain recipe for a certain sugar level.

The first follows on directly from Always Have, Always Will

Christmas Lights

The next is in an unusual format. It was written in response to a drabbles challenge and takes the form of 37 linked drabbles - each written in response to a specific prompt.

The Real Meaning of ...



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