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Don't quite know how to introduce this one. It's a death!fic Valentine's story. If you haven't read the first two in this series it will make no sense at all and will probably give you conniptions. If you have read them, then it probably won't come as too much of a shock that having written the first two of the trilogy based around dead!Justin, it's not totally unexpected that this one is a Brian death!fic.

You have been warned. You're just going to have to trust me a little. Dead or alive, he's still (I hope) recognisably Brian.

And the way I see it, it's still ridiculously romantic with a resounding happily-ever-after. But maybe that's just me.

I also suspect that the whole thing is one of the best things I've ever written, but again, maybe I'm biased.

As always, all chapters are for Adults Only and by clicking on any of the links you are indicating that you fall into that category.

The characters are not mine, I just borrowed them for a while to play with.

If you're brave enough to try this one, the earlier chapters are here:

Love's Not Time's Fool

A Winter's Tale: Love's Not Time's Fool2

In the Bleak Midwinter: Love's Not Time's Fool 3 )

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Usual warnings

This story is intended for adults only. If you click on the link, you're signifying that you are 18 or over.

Oh, and remember - I don't like Mikey!

For previous chapters: Experiment Index

Chapter Two: The Experiment Continues )
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I actually wrote the original first chapter of Homecoming as a one off, and I wrote it for Randall. I won't drag up all the negativity that was floating around the fandom in the aftermath of the screening of 513. Suffice to say that many of us felt that the glut of fics which hit the web immediately afterwards in which Brian upped stakes and moved to New York to be with Justin (and that's how nearly all the reunion fics were written in those first months) were just ... somehow not right.

After all the times Justin had left Brian, and all the times Brian took him back without question, it felt important to me to explore how it might work for Justin to come home to Brian and find a way to convince Brian that this time it was for good; that this time he was clearly and unquestionably choosing Brian.

So I wrote a short fic for Randall to show how I thought that might work.

From there, of course, it grew, and is still growing ... although along the way it morphed into the next phase - Homework.

NOTE: There is one further thing I should say ... writing Homecoming I came to realise that I could not work with the legacy of S5 in terms of how it depicted these two characters. I just couldn't. So while I was writing the early chapters of Homecoming, I began a "prequel" that effectively became a sort of alternative S5. Most of the events are the same, but I've given a few of them a little twist.

The full story is indexed here:


But if you'd like a quick summary of the differences between the two, you can find that here:

Homecoming Background: Differences between Reverberations and canon

And now here is the fic, and once more, thanks, Ran, because without you it might never have been written.

#2: Morning After
#3: Home Is Where
#4: Afternoon Delights
#5: Just When You Thought ...
#6: Moving On
#7: Future and Past
#8: Old Friends and New
#9: Reunion Blues
#10: Interlude
#11: Next Steps
#12: Opening Negotiations
#13: Almost Ridiculously Romantic
#14: Memories and Mementos
#15: Riders on the Storm
#16: Swimming With Sharks
#17: My Dus
#18: Play Time
#19: Preparations for Battle
#20: Heritage
#21: Generations
#22: Love and Hate
#23: Friends in Need
#24: Tall Tales and True
#25: Confirmations and Conversations
#26: Forging Family Ties
#27: Friends and ... Not So Much
#28: Fond Farewells
#29: News From the Front
#30: Don't Shoot the Messenger
#31: Senses and Sensibilities
#32: Out of the Mouths of Babes
#33: Some Days You Eat the Bear
#34: Tiger Twink
#35: It's a Legal Matter, Baby
#36: It Takes One to Know One
#37: Telling It Like It Is
#38: Miracles and Mariners
#39: Galloping Grandmothers, Rage
#40: No One Expects ...
#41: Packing and Preparations
#42: Putting Things in Perspective
#43: Home at Last

I have made a decision to end Homecoming at this point and move on to Homework.

However, to make things easier to keep straight, I'll continue to index that story here as well.


#1: Crazy is as Crazy Does
#2: Dinner for Three
#3: I'm a Man ... M-A-N
#4: Domesticity
#5: I've Got a Plan
#6: Beware: Brian at Work
#7: Not a Totally Horrible Weekend
#8: Saturday at the Movies
#9: Growing Up and I'm Fine
#10: Meeting Megan
#11: Surprises Don't Always Suck
#12: Pre-Party Fireworks
#13: Realities and Realizations
#14: Celebrations
#15: Visits and Visitations
#16: The Fallout Begins

The next little lot are various one-off fics that fit loosely into the Homecoming universe.

The first is a fic written for the Moonshadow Tribe Birthday challenge to write something about the celebration of some kind of birth or birthday:
Birth and Rebirth

This one is one of my Halloween fics. It can be read as a stand alone, but very definitely fits into the Homecoming/ Homework story line.
The Old Man's House

This one was written for the Moonshadow Tribe's "Traditions" challenge. It's a Christmas fic that I originally envisaged taking place in the Homecoming universe - probably their first Christmas in the new house. Since then, things have evolved, and now I think of it as a sort of Homecoming/ Homework AU.
Out With the Old

The next is another Challenge fic and is set sometime in the future in the Homecoming 'verse - or maybe a Homecoming/ Homework AU *g* It's a Gus fic and can be read as a stand alone. The challenge theme was "full circle".
Leaving Home

Another challenge fic which follows directly on from Leaving Home. The theme for this was "complications".
Changing Roles

Yet another challenge fic. (I'm addicted to them.) This one had the theme "milestones":
Ten Year Itch

This is another of the Homecoming!future fics. It's a Halloween fic and falls before Leaving Home. Gus is sixteen and Dani is about to turn three. Trick Or Treat.

Another future!fic, this time a Christmas one. Gus is thirteen and Dani is just a few weeks old.
Christmas Surprise

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I started writing Reverberations at the point where it became obvious to me that I couldn't write Homecoming the way I wanted to if I had to base it on canon S5. I didn't know the Justin in canon at all. I had no way of understanding or interpreting that character that left me with someone I could feel much liking or even respect for. And even with Brian (and I am an expert apologist for Brian) didn't emerge with much credit. There were three particular things that I wanted to "rewrite" ...

The first was the syphillis arc and especially Justin's reaction to it. The fact is that while not as sexually active as Brian (who is?), I think we're meant to understand that Justin has his fair share of casual sex, and that he wasn't exactly a poster boy for celibacy while he was out among the beautiful people in LA. So his self-righteous reaction to Brian catching an STD struck me as completely OTT and also fairly OOC. I didn't like that Justin at all - he reminded me way too much of Mikey and Mel - snide, judgemental and hypocritical. (The Rage drawings alone I found really disturbing.)

The second was the whole "competition" arc. We've always known that Brian was going to find it hard to deal with when age started to put an end to his reign as Stud-King of Liberty Avenue. But the whole competition thing was both laughable and insensitive. As if! The Brian I know and understand in that situation would say "fuck you!" and do his best to ignore Brandon's existence completely, not glorify it by getting into some lame-assed openly acknowledged competition with him. I hated this arc with a passion because of how it reduced Brian's very real issues about ageing and how they played into his in many ways fragile self-image to a kind of bad joke. I also hated the fact that Justin didn't seem to have any understanding of, or compassion for, the very real struggles that Brian was going through. He was far too busy pouting over the fact that he wasn't going to be a Daddy any time soon. (Again, as if! how many 21 y.o. guys actually think this way? where did it come from? - there was no sign of it when he headed off to the bright lights of LA and where did it go? - because it vanished as soon as NY called,. Pod!Justin strikes again.) The fact that the parallel story line also reduced Ted to something close to a laughing stock just added fuel to the furnace of my hatred of this arc. Again - if you're going to deal with the issue of how physical beauty/ sex appeal weigh far too heavily in the balance in gay culture then do it with some sensitivity and compassion.

The third, as I've said many times, was the whole proposal scene in Justin's studio. That entire conversation was so OOC for both of them that I had to keep checking to see if it really was Brian and Justin and not some other characters. My thoughts on that scene are fairly well expressed here: 511 Rant.

The problem was, that once I started trying to tweak just those few things, all sorts of other stuff cropped up that had to be dealt with - and before I knew it I had a whole alternate S5 on my hands.

So ... that was the genesis of Reverberations.

And here it is (as always, my fics are for Adults only so by clicking on any of the links you are asserting that you fit that category.

Reverberations #1
Reverberations #2
Reverberations #3
Reverberations #4
Reverberations #5
Reverberations #6
Reverberations #7
Reverberations #8
Reverberations #9
Reverberations #10
Reverberations #11
Reverberations #12
Reverberations #13
Reverberations #14
Reverberations #15
Reverberations #16
Reverberations #17
Reverberations #18
Reverberations #19
Reverberations #20 - part one
Reverberations #20 - part two

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One of the weirdest things I've ever written. There are three stories in the series and they cover an arc of around 15 years.

It started out as a Halloween story, and one of the characters is, in fact, a ghost.

I think it's only fair to warn you that it is not by any means a normal BJ fic. When it starts Brian's in his sixties, Justin's been dead for thirty years and they haven't even met yet. By the time it's finished, Brian's dead as well.

I hope I haven't totally put you off.

Try it, you might like it.

It's actually, I suspect, quite ridiculously romantic.

Love's Not Time's Fool

A Winter's Tale: Love's Not Time's Fool2

In the Bleak Mid-Winter: Love's Not Time's Fool 3



3 Nov 2003 05:35 pm
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Experiment banner

Experiment was my first long fic. Not that I knew that when I started. If I had, I never would have written it. I was totally appalled by the very notion of writing anything longer than a few pages. So Experiment started life as a one-off challenge fic. Then another challenge came along that that naturally seemed to flow on from it, then another, and so on. Till finally I had to admit that I was writing a long fic and actually enjoying it.

For good or ill, without that gradually easing into the process, there would have been no Homecoming and certainly no Reverberations.

Such is life.

I started writing immediately after S3 and as a result we have not lost Vic; Brian has both his balls; neither the lesbians nor Debbie have yet degenerated into irrational shrews and Emmett and Ted have not been stripped of their dignity by the ridiculous plot lines that were forced on them in S4 and S5. On the other hand, Ted hasn't stepped up into the place he held as Brian's friend by the end of canon S5 either.

Anyway, here it is, the first chapter - which started out life as a little one off called:

The Alternative Lifestyle Experiment

2: The Experiment Continues

3: Offers and Offences

4: Newsflash

5: Results and Conclusions - Part One

5: Results and Conclusions - Part Two

6: Footnote

7: Saturday Chores

8: Side Effects

9: A Hard Night's Work

10: Trust and Betrayals

11: Partnership

12: Dinner and Dialogue

13: Car Trouble

14: Tangled Web

15: Cavalry Charge

16: Test Drive

17: Baby Makers

18: Like a Virgin

19: Shadows From the Past

20: Us, We, Our

21: Update

22: Hit and Miss

23: Quite a Ride

24: Gifts and Givers

25: New Beginnings - Part One

25: New Beginnings - Part Two

And, finally, for those who get confused by what happens when, or who are just interested - The Experiment Timeline -




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