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Fix Index

I figured it was about time I put together a decent index of my fics. Because such an index would be really long, and kind of difficult to navigate, I've grouped them into various categories which in turn each have their own sub-index. The three long fics each have their own chapters index here as well.

Hopefully that will make it easy for anyone who's interested to find what they are looking for.


Christmas Stories
Experiment (series - complete)
Halloween Stories
Irish Stories
Justin!Rage Stories (series - "complete" - but there may be more to come)
Love's Not Time's Fool (series - complete)
Reverberations - my version of S5 - prequel to Homecoming (series - complete)
Homecoming - post S5 (series - complete)
Homework - post S5 - sequel to Homecoming (WIP)
Stand Alones
Wren's Re-writes - my re-writes of various scenes in S4

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For all those with a touch of the blarney in their soul ...

A little BJ drabble for St Pat's Day.

Stubborn as an Irishman

Justin wishes that Brian wasn't always so fucking … Irish.

His pig-headedness combined with the fucked up ideas he gets sometimes is infuriating.

Like his "no carbs" thing. Attempts to persuade him that there are no more carbs in pasta sugo pomodoro than there are in the designer beers he downs in copious quantities are simply doomed. "Pasta" equals excessive carbs, "booze" zero carbs in Brian-world.

Tonight Justin's cooking Irish Stew and the pig-headed prick had better eat it or he'll be celebrating St Patrick's Day alone.

Brian should know by now that WASP or not, Justin can out-stubborn any Irishman.

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone! May the luck of the Irish always be with you. Happy St Patrick's Day everyone! May the luck of the Irish always be with you. Happy St Patrick's Day everyone! May the luck of the Irish always be with you.

And for those of you who've never heard it ... Tommy Fleming's eerily beautiful version of Danny Boy. If the beginning sounds a little strange, start from 2 minutes in.

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Well, it's St Pat's Day and before I head out to celebrate here's a little offering - a St Patrick's Day drabble.

I'm posting this one in the memory of Ran and Brian.

May their creator's soul rest in peace, sweetened by gratitude for all she gave us, and untainted by any of the bitterness her death has left behind.

Cultural Heritage )

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Hi everyone

Well, I've finished this story. At least for now.

There may be more, I'm not sure. It could be that this is just the first chapter of the continuing adventures of Brian and Justin in 1912 New York. I honestly don't know.

But it's complete for now, at least.

As always, it's for Adults Only and by clicking on the link you are asserting that you fall into that category.

BTW - I've made a couple of small changes to the first part, so even if you've already read that, it's probably worth reading it again. It goes into a little more detail as to why Brian left Ireland, and why, even though he's not exactly a rich man in this story, he didn't enter the US through Ellis Island.

Which is ironic, really because it was listening to Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears that put the story in my mind in the first place.

Hope you all enjoy!


The Luck of the Irish )

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A quick drabble for St Pat's Day.

The longer story will be ready tomorrow, I hope.

Loving an Irish Man

He'd dreamed of course that one day Brian would call, or text, or email, arranging a meeting somewhere in New York.

He'd just never dreamed it would be in a somewhat seedy Irish pub.

Brian lounged in a booth, the long months between them evaporating as soon as Justin slid in beside him. But even as the kiss of Brian's eyes raised his temperature and pulse rate, Justin couldn't help wondering 'why here?'

His amused demand for an explanation was interrupted as the waitress served plates of food.

Brian smirked.

"It's St Patrick's Day, Sunshine. I wanted some Irish stew."


Happy St Patrick's Day!

PS Actually O'Brien's is quite nice and I can definitely recommend their Irish Stew. Unlike the version I had once on St Pat's Day in Phoenix which was red from all the chili powder and cayenne they'd added. Not quite authentic - or what I was expecting. *g*

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Hi everyone

Just to let you know that I'm working on a short-ish one off to celebrate St Pat's Day (set in 1912 New York Brian is a young Irishman fresh off the boat where he gets work with a company called Taylor and Son).

But I'm not sure that I'll get it finished in time to post on the day, so rather than rush it, I'm giving you a heads up.

And a St Patrick's Day treat.

Rufus Wainwright singing Macushla - with any sound amplification. (Love the knees.)

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A bit of Halloween fun. My QAF version of Darby O'Gill.

Shades of my fathers, forgive me.

NOTE: Not for the Irish folklore purist. And apologies for any mistakes in the brogue or in the Gaelic. It’s unbeta’d, so all mistakes are my very own.

BK and 2 copy

Brian Kinney and the ... )

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Here is the second part

true love final copy

Summary: Brian heartless? Maybe there's a reason &

Warnings: Very definitely AU, and of course a sprinkling of the supernatural as is fitting for an Irish story. I have borrowed bits from the tales of Tam Lyn, and of the Snow Queen, and thrown in some Irish myths of the Tuatha De Danann, the Shining Ones, for good measure. However, I have molded each of these to my own purpose, so purists, beware.

Notes: This starts immediately after the guys get back from New York (ep 110). In the flower display at Molly’s party there’s a cutout pumpkin face, so I’m assuming that her party was just before Halloween (which in 2000 fell on a Tuesday).

There are many love spells for Halloween, apparently dating from when Samhain was the beginning of the New Year. The one included is a mix of several, although I made up the chant which is pure nonsense.

Ó Cionnaoith is the Gaelic form for the name from which ‘Kinney’ is derived. The family motto is ‘Truth is always great’, which has nothing to do with the fic, but which I throw in because it seems particularly apt for Brian.

(LJ is playing tricks and won't let me post it in a single post, so it will be in two parts.)

My True Love Hath My Heart - part two )

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This is an old one - originally posted as a Halloween fic a couple of years ago, but it's St Pat's Day, and as it's been brushed by the Irish, I thought "why not?".

So for those of you who haven't read it before ...

true love final copy

My True Love Hath My Heart )
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Since I nearly always write at least a drabble around St Pat's Day, I thought I'd this grouping to the fic archive list.

It started with this one - where the Irish touch lies in the mythology behind it which involves the Tuatha De Danaan and in Brian's Irish ancestry which is critical to the plot.
My True Love Hath My Heart Part 1
My True Love Hath My Heart Part 2

Then there was this fic ... where Brian Kinney gets to meet a leprechaun and has some scary adventures (in loving a grateful homage to Disney's "Darby O'Gill").
Brian Kinney and the ...

A St Pat's Day drabble:
The Wearing of the Green

And another:
Loving an Irish Man

A story which visited me out of nowhere one St Pat's Day.
The Luck of the Irish

Another drabble
Cultural Heritage

And yet another for 2014
St. Patrick's Day Blues



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