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Fix Index

I figured it was about time I put together a decent index of my fics. Because such an index would be really long, and kind of difficult to navigate, I've grouped them into various categories which in turn each have their own sub-index. The three long fics each have their own chapters index here as well.

Hopefully that will make it easy for anyone who's interested to find what they are looking for.


Christmas Stories
Experiment (series - complete)
Halloween Stories
Irish Stories
Justin!Rage Stories (series - "complete" - but there may be more to come)
Love's Not Time's Fool (series - complete)
Reverberations - my version of S5 - prequel to Homecoming (series - complete)
Homecoming - post S5 (series - complete)
Homework - post S5 - sequel to Homecoming (WIP)
Stand Alones
Wren's Re-writes - my re-writes of various scenes in S4

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The is the second of the [livejournal.com profile] qaf_giftxchnge fics.

This request was for:

Fic. Fluff/ schmoop, angst, canon-compliant, hurt/ comfort, humor, sexy fun times Brian/Justin, post-canon (present day would be preferred, but as long as the characters are as canon-compliant as possible, I'm open). Either something holiday-related (including other members of the gang, if desired) or something more H/C geared (preferred if Justin is the one providing the comfort, but either way works).
Nothing AU in terms of canon deviations, crack!Fic, or basically anything that would exist outside of a canon-compliant realm. Nothing where B/J aren't (or at least don't end up) together.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was a really strange one to write because when the first line came to me, I thought it was Justin "speaking". It was something of a shock when I found out it was Deb and from there the whole thing turned out completely differently to what I'd planned. But in the end I kind of liked it. It puts a different spin on the usual H/C fic and gave me an opportunity to play with the whole gang and see what they're up to now that it's 2016. I can only hope you're not disappointed by it.
I was going to leave everyone guessing whose "voice" they were listening to, but my beta didn't like that idea, so I've put the names in.
WARNING: For a change – no warnings. I'm even fairly nice to Michael.

jk RIP final copy.jpg

Joan Kinney: Died 23rd December 2016. RIP )
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This is the first of the Christmas fics I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] qaf_giftxchnge.

The request was for:

Fic. Fluff/ schmoop, angst, AU, hurt/comfort, Brian/ Justin or Brian/ Justin + Gus family times
I love Hurt!Justin with comforting Brian. I love feuding with lesbians about Gus. I love Justin being disappointed, but Brian coming through in the end..
AUTHOR'S NOTE: One of the things I really didn't like about the women (including Deb) in the last couple of seasons is how damned patronizing (or should that be "matronizing"?) they were towards Justin. He's not a child anymore. They seriously need to get over themselves. And I'm sure Justin would have felt the same way.
WARNING: Definitely anti-lesbians, and a little bit anti-Michael. This won't surprise anyone who is familiar with my fics, but here's the warning for everyone else.

I'd like to thank the ever-wonderful (and really incredibly kind) [livejournal.com profile] predec2 for the banner. It's lovely and I would never have thought to go looking for the image of Deb in the Santa hat, which was just perfect.

Wendy Banner Draft One Resized   01.10.17.jpg

Canes and Planes and Christmas Pains )

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As indicated a couple of days ago, I have two fics in the QAF Gift Exchange this year.

It will be a few days yet before I'm allowed to post them here.

But in the meantime, here is a little Christmas Drabble that I hope you find amusing.

Brian Kinney does not do Christmas. His non-conventional family accept this; with two exceptions.

Gus and Justin demand cookies, decorations and of course, a fucking tree, complete with lights and presents.

One of them Brian might be able to ignore, but when they tag-team him, he’s lost.

The loft turns into some fucking Christmas wonderland, perfumed by ginger and cinnamon and lit by multiple strings of lights. Brightly wrapped gifts are piled under the tree and his sonnyboys sit surrounded by glue and color making endless paper chains.

Somehow, Brian doesn’t hate it as much as he thinks he should.

Happy New Year!

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The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] mander3_swish has once again co-ordinated the QAF Holiday Gift Exchange.

She has just posted the first offering (some delicious Justin icons).

A couple of my fics will be there, and there are usually some wonderful surprises.

Please check it out and leave some comments so we all know it's worth doing again next year.

It's here QAF Gift Exchange.

oh - and I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and Happy New Year!
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This time the request was for:

Fic. Angst, Hurt-comfort, Brian/Justin. Maybe one of the main characters gets sick and the other one has to comfort him, or was in an accident and the others have to worry about him … something like that … I hope that helps a bit … Other Specifications: nothing special.

It came out a little more angsty than I'd meant, and with the ending a little more schmaltzy. But hey! it's a Christmas fic.

Warnings for language. I've had a few complaints about the language in my fics. I'm not going to apologise for it - it's how I hear Brian and Justin both speak in my head. I refuse to turn them into mealy-mouthed GLC types just to avoid offending those who don't like the language that I believe is part and parcel of who they are (and is, from my perspective, entirely according to canon). You have been warned!

Comfort and Joy.jpg

Where's the F*cking Comfort and Joy When You Need Them? )
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This is one of two fics I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] qaf_giftxchnge.

The request was for: Fic. Hurt-comfort, Fluff. Justin learns that Brian was every night in the hospital. Other Specifications: maybe post 5.13, an appearance of Emmett would be lovely.

I did my best - although the best I could manage for Emmett was a kind of off screen voice over.

The only warning is for language. I can't write Justin, let alone Brian, and keep the language PC. I just can't.

As always it's intended for Adults Only so by clicking on the link you are asserting you fall into that category.

What you want.jpg

You Can't Always Get What You Want )
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This was the second of the fics written for [livejournal.com profile] qaf_giftxchnge this year.

Silenced Nights copy

Silenced Nights )

Again - please do check out the other fics, vids, icons, etc, that were this year's offerings. I honestly believe that this endeavour every year is one of the great gifts of this fandom and would like to take two seconds to thank [livejournal.com profile] mander3_swish for all her hard work in pulling it together.

Queer As Folk Gift Exchange 2014

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Hi everyone

I'm now free to post the two fics that I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] qaf_giftxchnge for 2014.

This is the first.

DC_final small

Pittsburgh DC )

PS Please do check out the rest of the offerings, because there were some great ones - including two wonderful vids that were done for me and my story gift.

Queer as Folk Gift Exchange 2014

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I haven't posted a drabble in a while. So here is one to celebrate that strange antipodean phenomenon of Christmas in July which is nearly upon us.

Generous Gift?

"Brian what're you doing?"

"Fucking piece of shit packing cases!"

"If you tell me what you're looking for, I might know where it is."

"No need, Sunshine. Found it!"

"That's my drawing."

"No shit."

"But … you fucking bought it."


"You never fucking told me, asshole!"


"What are you planning to do with it"

"Shove it up your ass if you don't get out the fucking way."


"Brian you cannot use that sketch for our Christmas card."

"Bring some Christmas cheer to the deprived, Sunshine. Just add a bit of holly and a red bow on my cock."

sketch_final copy

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This is a fic I wrote for the [livejournal.com profile] qaf_giftxchnge.

It was in answer to a request from [livejournal.com profile] galeandrandy. The request was kind of long, but the gist of it was that Brian and Justin should be occasional fuck buddies and then Brian should realize he wants more when Justin decides to start dating because he’s now ready for a relationship.

I tried to write that. I really did. But the story just wouldn’t go that way. I battled with it for a week or so, and in the end it kind of wrote itself and this is how it came out. I was delighted that my giftee was [livejournal.com profile] galeandrandy because she not only a gifted writer, but a brave and wonderful young woman that I feel so privileged to have met and shared some time with. I was even more delighted that she seemed to like it.

I'm free to post it here now, and although it's not exactly a Christmas fic, it's as near as I got this year.

Kynergy )
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It just goes to show that this year I seem to have totally lost the plot. This was the gift exchange fic that I wrote last Christmas. I posted it too early and got quite rightly chided by the mod so I took it down. That was all okay, but I totally forgot to repost it after the required delay.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

So ... for those of you who didn't read it at the time, here it is. It's not actually a Christmas fic, but I have to admit that after a month of summer heat, just the thought of a get away in snowy Vermont makes me feel better.

As always, it's for Adults Only so by clicking on any of the links you are signifying that you fall into that category.

Anyway - belatedly, here's the fic again.

To: [livejournal.com profile] maybe742

From: [livejournal.com profile] wren_kt7oz

Title: Synchronicity

Gift Request: post-513 future!porn/Nc-17 Justin is turning 30 (next year, I guess). Brian and Justin have a “ridiculously romantic” birthday/night/weekend

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Justin is in New York (although not permanently), his birthday is coming up, their friends are nagging (no surprise there). Brian, of course, is doing his best to ignore the whole thing, but circumstances seem to be conspiring to put ideas into his head about how this milestone birthday might be celebrated.

Author’s Note: I know that along the way C/L decided that Justin’s birthday was in February, but in S1 it seemed to be before Christmas, rather than two months after. (There are what look like Christmas decorations and door wreaths in the Kip Thomas arc, and that’s around Justin’s birthday.) So that’s the time of year I’m going with.


Synchronicity )

Please note, the "giftee" was [livejournal.com profile] maybe742 who, as her offering, has done one of the best BJ vids I've seen in a long long time.

Check it out: Tougher Than the Rest

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At last, at last, at last, I've finished both my secret santa fic (I'm not allowed to post that yet, but it will be posted here somewhere in the next day or so: Queer as Folk Gift Exchange ) and my gusmas drabbles.

As always seems to happen once I get started working on these Gusmas prompts, the drabbles come and they all flow into a single story. It's happened like that every year.

For those who haven't caught up with the Gusmas thing, it's becoming a QAF tradition - 37 prompts are posted (one for every day between Thanksgiving and New Year) and pledges are made to donate to a GLBT charity. This year it's once again the Ali Forney Center in NY which was devastated by the floods.

If you'd like to make a pledge, or just read the entries, they're here: QAF Drabbles, including gusmas 2012.

If you can leave a comment on those you like, that would be great since some of the pledges are linked to the number of comments.

Anyway, here is this year's offering from me.

Warning: Lindsay and Melanie aren't exactly my favourite people which kind of comes across in this story.

Rating: NC-17

Author's Note: One drabble may only make sense to those who are familiar with Les Miserables, but now that the film's out, no one has any excuse for not seeing this wonderful, wonderful show.

It's Only Time )

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Hi everyone - sorry I haven't been around much. Work is just beating me up at the moment. Will get better after this week, I hope.

I'm just posting a quick one to draw your notice (if you haven't already seen it) to [livejournal.com profile] xie_xie_xie's 37 Days of Gusmas Challenge.

For those of you who haven't seen it before, it's run in conjunction with two QAF drabble communities - one on LJ and the other on IJ.

Every year they post 37 drabble prompts - one for each day between Thanksgiving and New Year (actually, since that number varies a bit, it's stayed at 37 which was the correct number the first year they did it).

Then various people pledge money based on ... well, anything they like really. It might be 10c for every drabble about Ted and Blake, or $2 for every drabble where Gus gets a pet for Christmas - anything you fancy really.

As for where the money goes ...

I can't do better than to quote from the post over at qaf_drabbles:

A Queer as Folk Fundraising Drabble-athon to Benefit The Ali Forney Center,
The Nation's Largest Organization Dedicated to Homeless LGBT Youth,
Whose Drop-In Center in Chelsea Was Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Nearly 4,000 kids who identify as LGBT sleep on the streets of New York City every night. The Ali Forney Center was founded to try to help those kids stay safe and alive. Their drop-in center in Chelsea in New York City was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy -- couches, computers, files -- everything. (Click here for more information.)

For the last four years, the Queer as Folk fandom has come together to raise money during the holiday season for causes that relate to experiences in the show. The Ali Forney Center was the beneficiary of our first Gusmas fundraiser, as well as last year's. This year, like last, the InsaneJournal qaf_drabbles community and LJ's drabylon are joining forces to help the Center get back on its feet after this disaster.

Since we normally have several hundred entries, it would be extremely difficult to count drabbles if they were being made across multiple communities. For that reason, drabbles do need to be posted to IJ's qaf_drabbles to count, but feel free to crosspost them on LJ's drabylon, or anywhere you'd like. If you do not have an IJ account and prefer not to create one, we can post them for you. Just email Xie at xie.kay@gmail.com.

We'd also appreciate your help in spreading the word to other fans -- it's for a great cause!

In the spirit of the Gusmas Season, let's try to exceed last year's donation of just under $1514, and help the Ali Forney Center continue its work of keeping our kids alive long enough to grow up.

So ... if you are able to make a pledge and donate, that's great.

But even if you're not in a position to do that, every drabble that you submit will help raise money, since some of the pledges are very open - just based on a donation for every drabble contributed. So your drabbles can help make a real difference even if you aren't able to make a financial contribution at this time.

Please consider participating. It's a great cause.

Here's the link. (It's on IJ but you don't have to be a member to post a pledge or a comment.)

37 Days of Gusmas 2012
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I'm sure you must all think I've gone kind of mad, but here is the fourth (and last, believe me) of my Christmas fics for this year.

It was written for the "37 Days of Gusmas" challenge over at IJ. This is a fund-raising challenge to raise money for the Ali Forley Center which provides shelter for homeless GLBT kids. The details of the challenge and the pledges that have been made are here:

Gusmas Challenge and Donation Pledge details

Anyway, like last year, there are 37 prompts, covering the days from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve. The challenge is to write one or more drabbles based on the prompts.

It's a great cause, and some of the pledges relate to the number of comments left, so please go over there, read the drabbles and comment. (You don't have to be a member of IJ to comment.) Every dollar raised helps a little.

The drabbles can be found here:

Gusmas Drabbles

Anyway, as I did last year, I've cobbled together a story based on drabbles for each of the 37 prompts. (I've seriously been burning the midnight oil to get this done on time.)

Hope you like it.

Happy New Year.

Reason to Celebrate )

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And yet another Christmas fic.

This one was written for [livejournal.com profile] qaf_giftxchnge.

It was a gift for [livejournal.com profile] happier_bunny who wanted:

Gift Request: I'd love a snarky fic about B/J picking out their Christmas tree and decorating it (NO GUS).
OR bonus … a drabble/ ficlet series about all the canonical pairings picking out trees. :)
Really, I'd be happy with anything B/J and snark.

I'm not sure that this is at all what she had in mind, because it turned out to fall somewhere between the two requests above. But it is kind of snarky at least. And Christmas trees definitely feature. So I'm hoping it's okay.

As all the gifts have now been posted over at the community, I'm assuming it's okay for me to post it here.

Enjoy everyone!

Happy New Year!

Tannenbaum, Schmannenbaum )

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Another little Christmas offering, written while I've been travelling. It's unbeta'd and I haven't even really done a full read through but hopefully there aren't too many errors.

It's set in the Homecoming!future 'verse. Gus is thirteen and Dani is just a few weeks old.

Anyway, here it is.

Christmas Surprise )

Happy Holidays!

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Hi everyone

I'm travelling at the moment, but this is the first of my Christmas fics for 2011.

It was written for the Moonshadow Tribe's Christmas Challenge - the theme was "worst holiday ever". (Other fics in the Challenge are here: Worst Holiday Ever Challenge).

Here is my take on it.

Warning I have to admit that I took the opportunity to torture Mikey and the others a little. *g*

Worst Christmas Ever

The Worst (?) Christmas Ever )

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Just to explain:

These form a single, if somewhat episodic, story in the form of 37 drabbles. To be honest, I'm kind of double-dipping here. I was stuck for an idea for the Moonshadow Tribe Holiday challenge “The Real Meaning Of..." I hadn't been able to come up with anything, except a vague feeling that I wanted this to be a new Justin!Rage story. Then yesterday I found Xie’s 37 Days of Gusmas Drabble challenge which had 37 prompts - one for each day from Thanksgiving to New Years. Some of the prompts are single words, some are quotes or song titles, some are images. I looked through the prompts and suddenly all my disjointed ideas just flowed together. So, a classic case of two birds with one stone. As Xie’s challenge was part of a fund-raiser for The Trevor Project, I figured The Tribe wouldn’t mind.

For those who are interested, other Gusmas drabbles can be found here on IJ:

37 Days of Gusmas

And the other Tribe Holiday Challenge fics can be found here:

The Real Meaning Challenge

This story picks up pretty much where Christmas Lights left off, but you probably need to read the other stories in that universe for it to make sense. They start with “Never Have, Never Will”, and are all listed here:

Justin!Rage Stories Index

Now let the drabbles begin!

The Real Meaning Of ... )
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Hi everyone

This year's MST Challenge was to write a fic themed around a Gift of some kind. (The challenge fics are here - please check it out, there are some nice ones - Moonshadow Tribe 2009 Christmas Challenge).

I'd been mulling over a story based on the old song There's a Pawn Shop on the Corner in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and the two things just came together in my head.

Here is the result. It's set in an AU where Justin and Brian meet in college. As always, it's Adults Only and by clicking on the link you are signifying that you fit that category.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Christmas!

There's a Pawn Shop on the Corner in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania )


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