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These are just some random thoughts going through my mind. No idea if anyone is still reading this stuff, but if you are and care to comment I'd be happy to host a discussion.

I've read two fics in the last couple of weeks where Brian decided to cut ties with Justin while he was in LA and both authors took the stance that Brian was totally unjustified and that his decision "destroyed" Justin.

Not saying that Brian isn't at times a complete asshole, but at that particular point in time, I think Justin was actually a worse one.

Let's think about what it would have been like if the situation had been reversed.

What if it had been Justin who had been diagnosed with cancer, had fought through the initial treatments but was still a long way from getting any medical all clear. Meanwhile Brian gets a career opportunity in New York say. He goes off to explore it and decides, without apparently a moment's consideration for Justin's precarious medical situation, any thought that his partner might face a recurrence of a life-threatening illness, to take the opportunity which will mean that he's away from Pittsburgh for at least six months. He doesn't even call Justin to tell him about it. In fact, he goes back to Pittsburgh and at least two days later he still hasn't told him that he's leaving.

Can you imagine how everyone - both in the show and in the fandom - would have reacted?

And that is exactly what Justin did.

It's not just that he took the job with Keller without discussing it with his partner (and if he were my partner I'd feel entitled to be pissed about that under any circumstances) but he gave no thought at all to the possibility that Brian's cancer treatment might not have been effective. And what that would mean. None. It's not like Brian had a bone spur removed. This was a life-threatening illness, and it didn't even figure in Justin's consideration.

Personally, I think if I were Brian, I would definitely feel like I'd been given a pretty clear idea of where I came in my "partner's" priorities list, and it wouldn't give me a great deal of confidence in what choices he'd make if the Hollywood opportunities kept coming.

I've never understood why Brian was selfish and inconsiderate and all that shit to consider the job in NY in S1, but it was okay for Justin to take off to LA the way he did at the time he did at the end of S4.

If it's okay for Justin to put his career first, then Brian was equally justified in doing that in S1. If Brian's priorities were wrong then, then Justin's, IMO were even more wrong when he went to LA.

Just my thoughts.

Interested to know yours.
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