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Just wanted to quickly post something about The Abominable Bride.

No spoilers - just two things.

One is that a lot of critics have been carping (not to say whingeing) about the stuff towards the end. Won't go into details, but wanted to say that the stuff that some people feel "spoiled" the episode was exactly the stuff that I found most exciting and which I most liked (okay, loved) about it.

So don't be put off by people who just wanted a cozy Victorian mystery as the Christmas special, because it's not like that at all and that's exactly what's truly great about it.

The second thing is that there seems to be some controversy about the feminist issues and how they're dealt with.

Unless you already know about the battles that the Suffragettes went through in the UK then I suggest you either read up about them first, or at least go to see the current Suffragette movie. Knowing what some of those women went through (and how they were treated, which in some cases was simply horrific) might make a difference to how you see the debate this aspect of the episode has triggered.

It might not. But some of the stuff I've read today is just hysterical mis-informed rubbish and you'd think Moffatt and Gatiss were the biggest mysoginists on the planet, when I actually think they're trying to make several really valid points.

One of which is that women simply do tend to have a more emotional response to situations than men and that's okay! - It's a perfectly valid way to process the world. So at the one extreme you have The Bride and at the other extreme you have Sherlock and the point is that neither extreme represents the most desirable basis for dealing with life.

Anyway, just wanted to say - because I've read a lot of tosh in the last day or so about this episode.

Which, by the way, I thought was simply brilliant and can hardly wait to see it again, so I've already ordered the dvd.

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